Stone Countertops

Granite, Marble & Stone Countertops

The use of stone like marble and granite as countertops is considered to be the most luxurious, high-end material—and investment. Cut from natural stone and mined from around the world, every slab is one-of-a-kind, offering rich variation in colour, pattern, veining and hue.


The Material

Stone is composed of natural minerals, so each slab differs in veining and pattern. Granite & marble are most popular, but soapstone, slate, and limestone are also used. Can be finished in multiple ways.

stone Counter Pros

Granite is most durable (if sealed properly), marble is durable but softer—ask your fabricator about properties. Every piece is unique, with stone slabs for every style. Can be used outside.

stone Counter Cons

Requires regular upkeep (sealing, polishing) and specific care. Marble can stain easily; stone can chip if heavy hard objects are dropped onto it, repairing can be difficult. More exotic slabs are pricey.

Installation Tips

Must be professionally fabricated and installed; have it sealed. Know your type of sink, faucet, and edge profile before choosing your slab. Install as backsplash for a seamless look with countertops.


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