Tile for Bathrooms, Kitchens & More

A highly versatile material used for thousands of years, tile is also the most environmentally friendly. Tile floors, backsplashes, bathrooms, countertops, fireplace surrounds & hearths, pools and patios, are popular because tile provides endless design possibilities. Our team will work with you on your vision board to help select what tile will work best.

Ceramic tile 

Water & stain resistant, durable ceramic tile is optimal for interior walls, floors, and countertops. More budget-friendly, easier to cut & install than porcelain. Available in thousands of colours, finishes, sizes, shapes. Technology has transformed ceramic tile by simulating looks of stone or wood.

porcelain tile

Water, stain & scratch resistant, use in any room or outdoors. Density makes it more durable; offers better protection against moisture than ceramic tile. Available in thousands of colours, finishes, sizes, shapes. Printing technology on porcelain simulates looks of stone, cement or wood.

natural stone tile 

Water, stain & scratch resistant; very durable for any room or outdoors. Elegant natural stone offers organic warmth and texture. Can be cut into same shapes and sizes as other titles but character, colour, and distinctive veining can vary greatly among pieces. Some stones need sealing.

glass tile

Water- & stain-proof, glass tile is ideal for backsplashes, bathroom walls, and pools. Can be clear or opaque, in any shape or size, with glossy or matte finish. Glass mosaic tile is popular for striking patterns and luxurious looks. Harder to work with; prone to chip more easily than other tile types.


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